1. kickass….coins!
check out talesyoulose


    check out talesyoulose

  2. Yayoi Kusama’s version of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.


    Yayoi Kusama
    Avant garde Sculptor, Painter and Novelist.

  4. i-love-art:

    My illustrated biography of Yayoi Kusama in Computer Arts. 

    My new fav artist! _ Yayoi Kusama!

  5. wickedclothes:

    Creative Cursing

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you just can’t think of an appropriate insult? Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect solution! Sold on FredFlare.

    this should be fun!!

  6. simple. clever. cute.

    works for me! 



    Betype’s Against Cancer. (April 1st)

    As may of you know, some weeks ago I said to you that my mom was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in stage 3, so I made an Indiegogo campaign to help her with the treatment

    I made this poster to promote my campaign,  I want to capture the attention of the young people that aren’t aware of Cancer by making a contrast of concepts, sometimes we are pissed off by little things as a dropped ice cream, youtube restrictions, low battery on your phone but if you stop and think how many people have hard problems in the world like cancer you will think twice before getting anger. Is like a merge of funny simple things with a real serious problem, is far more easy to capture your attention with a simple and cute icon of a funny thing than showing the word: CANCER. 

    The money will go mainly  for a whole treatment of Cancer and my mother’s debt so I really hope to pass that goal with your help.

    If you want to help you can make a donation here:

    You can share this post and spread the word too. 

    You can give thanks here on my behance´s profile

    UPDATE (October 21th): To all the people that has been asking me how my mom is doing it,  finally 5 months later my mom got the surgery this last friday. (hysterectomy- removal of the utherus). She’s in recovery right now, it has been hard time taking care of his painful surgery but everything seems to be okay so far :).

    Since I’m her only child and the only one to take care of her (and she’s single mother), I’m unable to be on the computer, so there’s just a few post on the queue. I promise to give you a rush of awesome typography when I come back to the computer with more time in my hands.

    Also I’m unable to work this days and my mom’s debt is still there after the big help that all of you give me. 

    In case you want to help me donating you’re still can do it here:http://bit.ly/cancerb or betype.co/cancer wich will take you to paypal. Or you can do donate directly going to your paypal account and donating to this address: byron@betype.co

    Think that this is the cancer awareness month and you can help directly to someone who need it. Thanks to all of you.

    Byron from Betype.

  7. consumerbehaviourself:

    Sandpaper sculptures by Mandy Smith, photographed by Bruno Drummond (Source: Junk Culture via unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)

  8. Chainsaw Carving by Tommy Craggs

    Chainsaw Carving by Tommy Craggs

  9. Wedding giveaways from givegrowlove! Tulsi in earthen pots….prettied up with wedding colors, handmade paper bags, gold ribbons, personalised tags and a lotta love!

    Wedding giveaways from givegrowlove! Tulsi in earthen pots….prettied up with wedding colors, handmade paper bags, gold ribbons, personalised tags and a lotta love!

  10. Galigali Artist Profile1 - Tarapada Das (Paan Vendor) (by galigalishop)

    beautiful story and beautiful craft!

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